Blending Technical Analysis and Institutional Agency-Only Execution

Launched in 2008,Greywolf Execution Partners was created as an NYSE-based pure agency execution firm which provided a consultative approach to institutional execution. Today, the firm has evolved to a proprietary institutional resource, blending state-of-the-art institutional technical analysis, high-touch (pure-agency, customer centric) execution, algorithmic solutions and direct access to all the major electronic trading platforms, including NYSE BBSS, the NYSE hand held, NYSE Arca, NYSE Amex, Bloomberg and the MIXIT Order Management system, to its customers.

These resources include scores of algorithmic trading resources and solutions, institutional option programs, eQuote Parity, D-Quote, and proprietary technical analysis of industries, sectors, currencies and commodities.

By utilizing proprietary technical tools, Greywolf is able to provide timely intra-day and intermediate-term focus on factors that are serving to move the market. This helps to provide its institutional clients with changes in trends with regard to subsector relative strength, volume, sentiment, seasonality, and most importantly, immediate focus to the changes in price action which could help portfolio managers and traders in making timely trading decisions. This hands-on “high-touch” type interaction helps to add alpha to the portfolio management process, allowing Greywolf to be an integral part of each and every firm’s team, while keeping a pulse on the fast-moving, ever-changing market conditions happening every day on the floor of the NYSE.
Greywolf’s customized equity execution service is an INSTITUTION-ONLY SERVICE made available exclusively to RIAs, mutual funds, hedge funds, pensions and key institutional asset managers.

Greywolf Execution Partners is not associated or affiliated with Greywolf Capital Management LLC.