Greywolf Delivers More “BUY” to the Buyback

The facts back it up: NYSE floor brokers, on average, deliver a greater value execution, based upon the independent Abel Noser report published in 2016.

From September 2015 to February 2016, the NYSE floor brokers outperformed the VWAP by +0.30 basis points (bps), which was 0.75 bps lower than the Abel Noser Universe median cost of -0.45 bps.

Greywolf is Committed to Increased Shareholder Value 
Greywolf Execution Partners has provided customized repurchase and buyback services for NYSE Listed companies since its founding. 

Companies initiate Buyback Programs because buybacks:
• Return capital to shareholders in a more tax-efficient manner 
• Demonstrate to the market that company shares are undervalued and a potentially good investment
• Provide a means to offset the dilutive impact of merger and acquisition activity
• Improve the EPS ratio without an increase in earnings

The Greywolf Execution Promise
• Total customer anonymity
• A complete suite of algorithms compliant with Rule 10b-18 providing a “safe harbor” for companies and their affiliated purchasers to repurchase the company’s shares of stock 
• A Buyback Desk with a team of experienced institutional brokers and its suite of compliant algorithms offer Buyback clients every competitive trading tool to deliver a value execution
• All customer orders are personally managed by Greywolf’s broker teams in accordance with Best Execution guidelines

Greywolf Execution Partners is not associated or affiliated with Greywolf Capital Management LLC.