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A Culture of Commitment

No strategy functions independently of people, values and purpose. At Greywolf, we operate as a family, where history and relationships are the principles that drive our business.

We understand that investment decisions are designed with certain values and time-horizons.

Every execution represents the culmination of months of study, analysis and research. Without the precise parameters and timing that accompanies an institutional investment, that effort is placed at risk.

Our clients have come to rely upon our experience, access and professional networks, both electronic and personal, to maximize the return on investment.

This is why our culture mirrors our client’s objectives, institutional values and mission.

Executable Results

cac8328c-1e27-49d6-83bc-076bb97008d8We have the numbers to prove that as a NYSE Floor Broker, we beat the Street based on VWAP. Call for the most recent report today: 212.509.0618.

  • From September 2015 to February 2016, the NYSE floor brokers outperformed the VWAP by +0.30 basis points (bps), which was 0.75 bps lower than the Abel Noser Universe median cost of -0.45 bps.
  • NYSE Floor Brokers consistently outperformed the Abel Noser Universe for the past four months, resulting in cost savings of $14 million for clients.


Great endowments reflect a culmination of education and life experiences. At Greywolf, we help to inject into a student’s education the EQ – Experience Quotient. Our internship programs enable the students’ education to translate into an experiential and relational roadmap from which they can navigate.

Greywolf Execution Partners is not associated or affiliated with Greywolf Capital Management LLC.